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 Made Space {formerly The Liink Project} is an Art, Culture, and Business Hub activated in early 2021.  It is about connecting emerging Black creatives and entrepreneurs with resources, space, knowledge, and visibility. Beyond a space, Made Space is a concept. Its about partnership, knowledge and cooperative economics and THRIVING TOGETHER.


"The events we go to at Made Space have wide range of goodness to enjoy, such as art shows, community meet ups, networking, vending from local artisans, yoga, meditation, food, and so much more. There is no other space like this in Seattle, let alone be welcoming, accessible and family friendly. My kids love seeing the unique art, food and culture, as well as connecting with others in the community."

Che Sehyun



Made Space is a platform to elevate Black creatives and entrepreneurs and to build community through art. Featuring a retail space stocked with local goods, an art gallery highlighting Black creatives, and a performance studio and event space to host pop ups and classes, Made Space not only serves as a hub for community life, but also as a platform to elevate the incredible talent Seattle has to offer. 


Retail Store, Performance Studio, Classroom, Art Gallery, Event Space, Coworking Community 



Known as The Fly Blind Guy, Melvin was raised in the Central District.  He was heavily influence by personal experiences, family, music, and the culture of the streets.  As an adolescent he turned to graffiti, and later photography. First diagnosed with a degenerative condition in 2010, he was left with only minimal vision in his right eye. This has not stopped his amazing adeptness and love for his art.

Melvin shoots with a Nikon DSLR and shares his photography though his brands EYEsore and Suede Gutz as well as on canvas, wood, clothing and giclee prints.His work has been featured by “We Are Grryo” A Story of Visual Impairment and Visual Artistry, Seattle Community College’s M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery, Through the Eyes of Art: The Value of Black Lives at Seattle’s MoPOP and most recently his “We Are Water” public art works located in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood. 

We are dedicated to amplifying
the best and brightest among us.

- Stephanie Morales

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